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Bulk gas storage, handling and transportation, Consultancy for industrial gas systems design, storage, handling, transport and disposal of gases ,Cryogenic tank & container refurbishment and maintenance including internal leak detection using helium leak detectors ,Cylinder & valve maintenance, Design, fabrication and supply of cylinder racks of various configurations to suit costumer demands in terms of number of cylinders per rack, horizontal or vertical design, maximum available working pressure etc. (e.g. 12, 16, 24, 32, 64 rack cylinders with pressures ranging from 150 bar to 300 bar)  Design, installation, commissioning and inspection of optimal gas supply and storage systems based on system audit of the existing customer facility .

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Double Energy Gases is specialized in LPG pipeline of cylinders and tank for restaurant canteen hotel Etc.

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Lpg Gas Alarm:

Natural gas is an energy source that is commonly used in homes for cooking, heating, and water heating. It is primarily composed of methane. (Methane is a highly flammable chemical compound consisting of one carbon atom surrounded by four hydrogen atoms.) Although it only happens rarely, a natural gas leak can sometimes occur inside the home. A natural gas leak can be dangerous because it increases the risk of fire or explosion. Your local gas company works hard to provide adequate warning in the event of a gas leak. Because methane–and therefore, natural gas–does not have any odor, the gas company adds a warning “rotten-egg” smell (mercaptan or a similar sulfur-based compound) that can be easily detected by most people. However, people who have a diminished sense of smell may not be able to rely upon this safety mechanism. If you have a concern about your ability to smell the additive that signals a gas leak, you need to see a physician and use a different safety signal. A gas detector can be an important tool to help protect you and your family.

Some gas detectors use both a light and a sound to alert you to a gas leak. Some use only a sound. Regardless of which type of alarm you prefer, you should make sure that you will be alerted from any area of your home. An alarm that you can’t see or hear will not help you.

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