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Super Fuel Gas

There is a reliable fuel gas for cutting, heating, and brazing operations that will provide higher performance than acetylene, at a much lower price. Super Fuel Gas cutting gas is the new standard of economy, performance, and safety for gases used in these metal working processes. Super Fuel Gas cutting gives a superior high temperature, high heat content fuel gas with worldwide availability.The piercing flame temperature of Fuel Gas exceeds the flame temperature of most cutting fuels. It starts the cut as rapidly as acetylene and preheats and pierces faster than other combined cutting fuels at a lower cost. Fuel Gas is capable of cutting travel speeds equal to acetylene while using lower quantities of oxygen than acetylene during cuts of up to 15″ thick. Furthermore, LPG (Propane and Butane) and other types of fuel gases are not as fast in cutting steel yet, also use much greater quantities of oxygen for the same amount of production.Fuel Gas has greater practical value than any other cutting fuel. Super Fuel Gas contains a balanced compound of metal organic material in a pure hydrocarbon solvent. The combustion catalyst of metal organic compounds inhibits the formation of molten slag, changing it into a material which is vaporized in the burning process and deposited in dry form. The result is the smoothest surface after cutting.Whether you are using the Fuel Gas and Oxygen mixture or Fuel Gas and air mixture, the superior heating value (neutral flame temperature and inner and outer flame temperature), that is the total heating value, allows for faster heat transfer to the metal. This means faster brazing, heating and metal working operations. Super Fuel Gas is non-toxic, non-injurious to health. It is also non-sensitive to shock with a low explosive range. Super Fuel Gas Creates no dangerous by-products and there is no annoying fumes and easy to use with standard equipment for this gas. Super Fuel Gas has a long life for two-piece, non-fouling recessed tip torches used for cutting.

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